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Salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami are the paths into a culinary journey that always leaves a lasting culinary memory. Whether a chef cooks for a living or lives to cook, you will know the difference as soon as your dish arrives.  Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, Hawaii flavors, Hawaii chefs. Hawaii offers the freshest ingredients that every Hawaii chef creates with, with great imagination and great pride.  Hawaii chefs have a unique creative style that blends island flavors with the cuisine of the rest of world.  Old Hawaii meets new Hawaii with Hawaii’s fusion cuisine. It doesn’t have one style or a certain flavor. It is what the chef wants it to be. It is the emotion, the flavor, the art and the journey that the chef wants you to experience when you taste their food creation.  No matter what culture the chef is from or tries to create, some of Hawaii is always in every dish.  Whether the chef cooks with the soul of “ALOHA”, or some special ingredient that came from the other side of the world that inspires a delectable dish, Hawaii offers some of the best, experienced chefs in the world and many up and coming student chefs. 


“CULINARY STARS’’ is Hawaii’s first televised cooking competition, setting out to find the best chefs Hawaii has to offer and the promise of new talent.  This competition is putting together the experience of a seasoned, professional chef with a student chef, who is just starting out their journey, with new ideas.  Culinary Stars is a competition that will prepare the student chef for the real world of the culinary industry.  It will help the student chef to find their voice and who they are as a chef and the direction and the path they would like to take. It is a competition that challenges each chef’s skills, both professional and student, in every challenge. Professional chefs will be teamed up with student chefs to make teams.  The teams will compete and be judged as teams and will win as a team.  The professional chefs will mentor and compete with the student chefs.  The idea is to have the student chefs learn from the professional chefs in real live situations as a chef.  The professional chefs will mentor, teach, advise and guide their student chefs about skills and techniques that they will need when they graduate and start their journey towards becoming an Executive Chef or a restaurateur.  They will compete as teams where twists, turns and unexpected challenges will send the competitors into an entertaining tail spin, never knowing what to expect. Some challenges will have entertaining twist and turns that will be unexpected and require real cooking knowledge and some challenges will be just about skill and technique.  Hawaii’s “Culinary Stars” will compete to show their skill for prizes that may include TV appearances and cash prizes.