KyMoKi Entertainment Inc.

                                                                                             ON THE RISE

                                                                     “SO, YOU WANT TO BE A PERFORMING ARTIST?”


ON THE RISE is a new kind of talent competition.  Choosing to be a performing artist may be the hardest journey that you will ever take.  But anything worth having means hard work.  There are so many elements to the entertainment industry that making sure you get the right training is so very important.  Even Whitney Houston had a vocal coach her entire career.  Usher had a choreographer and dance coach.  Even when you reach the top, you will still need help to keep your talents fresh and improved.  Being a celebrity is pretty easy once you get there.  The road that leads you there is long, hard and winding.

Artist development is a process in which an artist creates an identity.  A long time ago, record labels used to find artists with potential, sign them and then develop them.  Nowadays, artists have to come to the label already developed.  That’s if you are seeking to be signed by a label. Triple Diamond Records (TDR) is an artist development label. We get artists ready to be presented to a major label. We also help artists to find their brand and market it.  ON THE RISE is an artist development elimination talent competition where each week, artists will be taught a skill that will help them move forward in their careers.

There are artists that just sing and perform.  There are artists that do it all, sing, perform, songwriting and producing.  Either way, with the right training, you can succeed.  KyMoKi Entertainment Inc (KEI) and TDR will team up with other industry professionals to take potential artists through all the steps that will sharpen the tools that will help you while you are ON THE RISE.   The artists will learn song construction and songwriting from Hawaii’s own Lia Live who graduated from Music Institute in Los Angeles and is now on top of her game.  Lia has taken this journey for many years and now ready to pass on all that she has learned. Lia will also be the host and mentor of ON THE RISE.  They will learn music production from Rob Tsuhako (known as the Beat Inventor), Maui’s premier music producer who works with all the top artists of Hawaii such as Lia Live, Kalisi, Josh Tatofi, Anuhea and much, much more. Rob has a degree from College for Recording Arts and has a degree in engineering, sound design and music production and his work is noticed throughout the islands and in the mainstream. They will learn all about music publishing, licensing and the business side of the music industry.

 All of these amazing people will also include a vocal coach, choreographer, stylist, branding, marketing and everything that KEI and TDR will need their artists to sharpen their skills on.

ON THE RISE is a 14-30 minute episode series.  At the beginning, each episode will be taking the artists through a series of important skill drills needed to succeed in this competition.  This portion will not be judged.  After the artists complete the skill drills, then the competition begins.  Each episode in the competition phase will have a test and a skill drill. The skill drill portion will be judged.  Whoever gets the lowest score in the skill drill portion will be eliminated.  

In the end, win or lose, the artist will leave this competition with a little more knowledge of what it takes to become a STAR!  When you are ON THE RISE, learning the music business, making the right moves and trusting the right people will make a difference.