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n the past, as an artist, getting a record deal was a big deal.  When you got a record deal back in the day, meant that you made it. You are going to be a “Star”.   Nothing but good things from now on.  And then, the internet. The internet changed everything in the music and record business and the business of entertainment.

When you got a record deal in the past, they would sign you, develop you and put you out there.  The record label puts out all the money and takes 70-80% of all the artist makes including merchandising and publishing, even though they don’t help with creating the song, they put up all the money and the artist gets 20-30%, even though the artist do all the creative work. It was good to have a record deal that paid for your expenses.  It allowed the artist to live and focus on the music and performance.  It is such an old school way. 

Now days, major record labels do not develop artist. You have to come developed and ready to go.  The best deal you can get from a major record label is a publishing deal.  A publishing deal is very important to a performing artist.  It is when your music gets played on the radio and maybe on a movie or commercial. It is something important for the career of an artist.

Triple Diamond Records (TDR) is a artist development label.  We took the development part of a major record label and we develop artist and get them ready for a publishing deal.  We offer everything from vocal lessons to dance lessons to stage performance and extended to music production, songwriting, up to recording artist projects.  We take the artist through all the steps that a major label looks at to sign the artist. The label offers music production with the best producers Maui has to offer.  If an artist needs a songwriter, we have that too.  A lot of artist can produce and songwrite, so all they need is direction, management or an introduction to a major label, we can do that too.  We are here to help elevate the artist. TDR is opening a social media marketing department to help artist with their social media and making sure the artist get visibility on all platforms. Once TDR creates the brand and the visibility of the artist, TDR will go to a major label to get that publishing deal.  

TDR is here for the artist.  TDR is a business and here to make money.  However, TDR only takes a 20-30% cut on all artist projects including merchandising and publishing. Artist retains 70-30% of their projects. If in the event TDR gets the artist signed to a major record label and receives a publishing deal, TDR will turn over the artist to the label with only a 5% of the artist share of the publishing deal. Any expenses that TDR pays for for the artist, will be paid back from profits. This includes recording of songs, performances, travel expenses, vocal lessons, dance lessons, etc.