KyMoKi Entertainment Inc.


Masterclass Hawaii (MCH)  is a program of HEPA.  The Masterclass series program is an educational program for the arts. We are taking a Performance Arts School and breaking it down to individual classes so attendees can pick and choose which classes they would like to participate in.   It will also be a fundraising opportunity for the attendees will have to pay a fee to attend.  But because of the 501(c)3 status, attendees will be able to apply for scholarships to attend or receive financial assistance through a grant.  

MCH classes will offer:

  • Masterclass Hawaii - Modeling (currently being produced)
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Acting
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Singing
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Dance
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Performance
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Music production
  • Masterclass Hawaii - Songwriting
  • Masterclass Hawaii - The business of the Music business
  • Masterclass Hawaii - How to get a acting roles

There are more classes that we will be offiring, covering all aspects of the entertainment and production.  KEI & HEPA will be bringing in professionals in each field.  KEI & HEPA will be working with schools such as The Music Institute of Los Angeles and successful people in each catagory. 

Did you ever want to create a movie or television show, or even a song but had no avenue or place to create it?  Or – Can you afford to rent a place that you can start your project or create your sizzle reel, so that you can get funding, sponsors or investors? Or – How about a place where you can simply practice your routines or edit your project or basically be around other creative people? Is money the only thing holding you back from success?  These are the problems that KyMoKi Entertainment’s owner, Angela Montilliano, knows very well.  This is why Angela wants this 501c3 non-profit.  The goal for Hawaii’s Entertainment and Production Association (HEPA) is to help other local producers, creators and artist by providing an environment where creators of film, television and music along with performers can come together to help each other to polish their craft.  HEPA is dedicated to providing affordable rates to members.  Although HEPA supports and believes in the film studios such as the State owned Hawaii Film Studio, It is not affordable for the new and local producers and artist who just needs a place to create so that in the future, filming in the bigger studios will be a possibility.  Aloha Film Studios (formerly Maui Film Studios) and Honua Studios on the Big Island has closed and no longer exist. There are small studios and many garage studios, but no professional, affordable studios.


KyMoKi Entertainment Inc. (KEI) and KyMoKi Entertainment Studios (KES) will be providing to HEPA facilities that will serve as home of HEPA and the facilities may include the following at no to low cost to members:

  • Green Screen Studio
  • Photography Studio
  • Music Studio with voice over booth
  • Office Spaces – Rentals at low cost
  • Board room – Rentals for meetings
  • Dance/Rehearsal Studio
  • Equipment Rentals – Cameras, lighting, A/V Equipment, etc.
  • Viewing room to watch dailies
  • Computer/Editing Room for editing and post production
  • Kitchen – designed so cooking shows can be filmed but also a working kitchen/lounge
  • Performance Rehearsal Stage – lighting and sound equipment may be available
  • HEPA merchandise store – to sell HEPA products and entertainment and production items

Providing low cost studios and creative space is the goal for KEI, KES and HEPA. Joining HEPA and becoming a member will offer a creative environment for up and coming artist and producers in film, television, music production and live performances. It is the plan for HEPA to operate as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  The non-profit status will allow HEPA to apply for grants so that HEPA can provide funding and assistance for the film, television, music productions and performing artist.  HEPA will assist and help producers and artist with there projects and creations in film, television, music productions and live show productions. 

 MEMBERS BENEFIT:  Members of HEPA will be able to earn free studio time and lessons by helping the studio with every day operations.  Every time a member volunteers to come and assist the studio with whatever task needs to be done around the studio, i.e. cleaning, answering phones, making appointments, helping other producers with their projects, etc., they will earn points in which they can turn into studio dollars and use it toward their studio rentals and Masterclass classes.

 **NOTE:  HEPA is the future plans of KEI, KES, and TRIPLE DIAMOND RECORDS (TDR).  This organization will be up running once the 501c3 pending gets approved and KES is up and running. HEPA will be an extension of KES, KEI and TDR.Type your paragraph here.